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Your essential oil practice starts today.



Essential oils have changed my life and the moment you say yes to a natural, more practical way to care for you and your families, physical, mental and emotional health, I know they will do the same for you. 


When your oils arrive theres a magical energy that flows through you. Its like your a kid on Christmas morning. In that moment you don’t know this yet, but your health and life is going to transform in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

You’ll see, as soon as you begin incorporating doTERRA oils into your life, shift by shift, everything begins to change. I know that seems like a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. You start in one area and then the health upgrading manifests as they begin to fill every little corner of your life.


One day down the road, you will look back and realize that everything has changed since the day your first oil kit arrived.

I’m so excited you’re here because I know we share a passion for living a vibrant life - through what we eat, how we move our bodies and the tools we use to support our health, self care and well being.



Since you landed here, I will assert that living fit physically, emotionally and spiritually, has become a priority for you. This is the final area where you can integrate and pull it ALL together, or lay the foundation to jump start your health journey.



You see, these oils bring harmony to our bodies and everyday lives like nothing else. They help us to feel better continually, so that all of the other elements to a healthy lifestyle like eating clean, being physically fit and developing our heart and mind, comes more natural to us.

"Essential oils will be the tools that bring it all together for YOU."

And the sooner you integrate them, the deeper you'll go in every area.

Healthy can be simple, fun and affordable.  No matter where you are right now, you absolutely can feel good more often, and you don’t have to do it alone.  I will show you how.

As a Nutrition, Fitness and Energy expert, I have been a lifestyle coach for almost a decade now.  Over the years I have helped many women transform their bodies, health, mindset and spirit.

Through years of education and experience in the land of holistic health, functional medicine nutrition, fitness, yoga and spirituality, I was able to better manage my anxiety, ADHD, adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues and digestive distress through food, gut health, movement, doTERRA’s oils and mindfulness practices.

I began incorporating doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils into my lifestyle about 5 years ago.


That's when it ALL started to happen for me.


These oils were the tools that brought everything I had been doing, together, in such a powerful and sustainable way. 




doTERRA's essential oils are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils in the world whose sustainable, high quality natural ingredients and rigorous testing, make doTERRA the world leader in essential oils.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 4.48.02 PM_edi




Increase your energy, while reducing stress and anxiousness. Improve sleep by diffusing at night and incorporate daily to improve focus and productivity.



Nature provides everything we need to take the absolute best care of our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 4.46.05 PM_edi


You can replace the poisonious, toxic cleaners and disinfectants in your home, with essential oils. Rid your home of the chemicals that are keeping you sick and putting you and your family at risk.


And now, I am on a mission to share this knowledge and plant wisdom with as many people as I can.

No matter what your reason is for stepping into your oil journey, they will begin to work into every little corner of your life–improving and supporting your physical, mental  and emotional health as a WHOLE.


It's a beautiful journey thats fun, empowering and transformative.


When you begin your oil journey with ANY starter kit, you become a member of my Essential Nourishment Program, where I offer all of my other areas of expertise within our private global community, providing you a 360º approach to optimal health and wellbeing, saving you time, money and allowing you to make yourself a priority.

click to become a part of the community

"These oils, this lifestyle and this community will change everything for you." 

Once you begin to experience this oily lifestyle, you will wonder why it took you so long. I am so excited to personally guide you on this journey.


Healthy can be simple. Self care can be practical. The company you keep can inspire and elevate you. You deserve to live your best life, and you absolutely get to. Feel better more often and expect it to be better than you could have ever imagined it to be. Join us! 


Feel better. Look better. Live better. Together. 



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