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I've been in your shoes. Let me help you become the best version of yourself.


Danielle DelVecchio is a Spiritual Mentor, Holistic Healing Practitioner and Energy Transformation Facilitator who works with women to create balance in their lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She has helped many women enhance their lives by helping them discover and become their true, authentic selves. 

Based on her own journey of discovery studying energy and uncovering her intuitive gifts, along with over a decade of experience working in the land of holistic health, wellness and energy healing, she created the Divine Nourishment™ Lifestyle Program. She transformed her life after experiencing decades of negative body image, insecurities, overwhelm being an empath, inauthentic living, emotional eating, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Danielle learned to naturally heal herself through her four pillars: ANCHOR, ALIGN, ARISE and EMBODY. As a result through time, experience and motivation, she mastered her energy holistically and developed the capacity to design and embody a lifestyle she loves.


In 2011, she started competing in fitness competitions and training with world-class coaches on the science of the body, fitness training, nutrition and hormones. Two years later, she studied and was certified in Reiki 2 Energy Healing.


In 2014, she received her Institute of Integrated Nutrition Holistic Health Coach Certificate, which inspired her to take a special interest in digestive wellness, gut health and hormones. Danielle received her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA in 2016. She also completed her 220 hour Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Hari NYC The Treehouse in New York City in 2020.


Some notable mentors of Danielle are Gabby Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Elena Brower and Hari Kaur Khalsa. 


As a Thought Leader in living well, her ultimate passion is cultivating high vibrational lifestyles embodied in the optimization of Energetic Mastery; physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual well being. In her free time, she enjoys creating new recipes, reading, dancing, being out in nature, mentoring teens and spending quality time with her husband, Josh, and pup, Declyn.


Danielle is passionate about helping other women navigate their own struggles with limiting beliefs, old narratives, food, authentic living, finding more purpose, energy, and Her self-love centered coaching, workshops, retreats, podcast and online programs guide women step into their power by walking them through her unique synergistic approach to optimal health, happiness and fulfillment.


With a customized, intuitive approach for each client, she integrates overall wellness through specific Holistic Healing modalities including Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Inner Child and Shadow work, Functional Medicine Nutrition, Earth Medicine, Authentic Living, Conscious Conversation and developing a deeper

connection with a Spiritual understanding of their own ... with Kundalini Energy Work being the core foundation within the Divine Nourishment Lifestyle.


Her energetic approach assists her clients to reach higher levels of consciousness, break through their blocks and optimize their physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual wellbeing, while developing the self awareness and self mastery needed to hone in on their manifesting abilities. 


The Divine Nourishment Lifestyle raises your vibration and improves your overall quality of life by bridging the gap between mind, body and spiritual wellness. Danielle is product of what she teaches and what’s possible for anyone. 


Alexa Bartlett,


Danielle is an intuitive and compassionate soul, which is complemented by her strength and discipline. She has helped me to identify many harmful patterns that I’ve been repeating for many years without my conscious knowledge, and then to create new interventions to break these patterns! Danielle is gifted at taking insights and translating them into integrated actions. If you have the pleasure of working with Danielle, get ready for an infusion of enthusiasm, energy, vitality, and dedication into your life! I’m so happy that she has been on my path of personal transformation.

Heather Tramm,


I started working with Danielle shortly after New Years in 2018. I had been working on my own with the help of books for some time in health, fitness, clean eating, and spirituality but could never quite  get the pieces to fall into place where I would have lasting results. Then I came across Danielle's website and blog on Facebook. I started following her posts and I realized instantly that she knows what it's all about - life. She has worked extremely hard and has done the work so she can share her gift and help others reach goals and dreams.  In just working with Danielle over the last six months I can see great shifts taking place in my life. Working with Danielle has motivated me to not only step into a healthier, better version of myself but to also really start living and loving my life.


Jaimie Cullity


My journey with Danielle started February 24th 2015 and although I was unsure of what was in-store, she reassured me as long as I trusted her and showed up for myself everyday, I would get to where I wanted to be. Danielle provided me with the knowledge and positive energy I needed to succeed in reaching my goal of feeling good and in turn, cultivating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that has now become an extension of me. Everyday she was there to coach and guide me in the right direction. While working with Danielle I’ve never felt so clear minded. I never truly knew how good my body was meant to feel. She taught me so much while also providing me with healthy recipes, eating plans, fun workout routines and natural supplementation suggestions.  I shed the extra weight that was holding me down, have kept it off now for years and have such a better relationship to food. 

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