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Mount Shasta, CA  • August 2022  8/11 - 8/15

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You have been called to reclaim the pieces of yourself you have lost along your journey. Become fully expressed and embodied in your authentic truth and soul’s purpose, beyond your roles and identities. This is a calling to move deeper into self love, divinely nourishing and reconnecting you back to the sacred life force that awakens your soul ... illuminating your heart and this planet. The mystical trees and high vibrational waters of magical Mount Shasta, CA will welcome you back to the multidimensional being that you are and your soul family. A sacred vortex and source of powerful energetic fields, Mount Shasta brings awareness, pure unconditional love and ascendance.

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Considered the Root Chakra of the World, enjoy being encompassed in the high vibrational bubble of Mount Shasta while being surrounded by infinite love and blessings from your cosmic guides.


Experience the beautiful feminine energy of the Summer while balancing the masculine action-oriented energies with various healing rituals. Historically, various cultures celebrated the season of Summer, its many benefits, and its theme of fertility. We are being summoned here to birth a new collective consciousness in the New Earth.

With divine timing and alignment, we will embrace the energy and closing of the sacred LIONS GATE PORTAL. Astrologically speaking, it’s the alignment between planet EARTH and the star known as Sirius. This alignment activates what is known as “light codes” within a person's soul and amplifies your manifestation energy. The energy of Sirius has been known for thousands of years to be synonymous with the energy of abundance which is why this is such a fabulous time to set powerful intentions for what you wish to manifest.


We will harness this energy in sacred ceremony, anchoring into the power of conscious manifestation together.

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Is a powerful time for group ceremonies as it’s easier for us to release density stuck in our energetic system so we can free ourselves from negative, lower frequency emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, judgement and the illusion of separation, along with limiting beliefs and narratives that were passed down to us. This portal allows us to clear out these imprints, opening up and purifying our channel to reveal our true divine essence.


Together, we will invite in and embody more self love and self realization so we can become more integrated and whole.

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The energy of the Lions Gate Portal, the Sun & Moon, the magnificent nature, and the five elements invite dreamers, creators, and spiritual warriors to raise the vibration of this planet. She is calling you back. It is time to reclaim all the pieces of yourself you lost along your journey, Awaken your Soul and activate this source of power within you to remember who you really are.

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  • Facilitated healing practices that nurture the mind, body and soul.

  • Strengthen your connection to your higher self, your body, nature and earth.

  • Spiritual resetting of your pre-programmed conditioning.

  • Unleash, uncage and let go of anything no longer serving you.

  • Guided sacred portal exploration.

  • Waterfall exploration with a short hike.

  • Cellular activating water ceremony.

  • Nourish all aspects of Self with daily kundalini yoga, yin yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga nidra and sound baths.

  • Full moon ceremony; move freely, deeply and lovingly to connect back to your body and awaken your soul … channeling the medicine of the Super Full Moon in Aquarius to deeply release and activate self love.

  • Nourish your body and energy system through experiencing plants and food as medicine with organic plant based meals including apothecary, magical elixirs, tinctures, teas, oils and other sacred plant medicines to support the energy we will be working with to Awaken Your Soul.

  • Kundalini energy work and activations.

  • Sun code activations, divine intuition and DNA upgrades.

  • Sound as vibrational medicine including Alchemy bowls and the gong.

  • Connect with your cosmic beings, teachers, and guides.

  • Heart Opening Earth Medicine Ceremony.

  • Passionate time with your true, divine self to explore and re-align.

  • Grounded healing through sound, breath, movement, meditation and earth medicine 

  • Relax, Re-charge and build beautiful authentic connections with lifelong soulmates and likeminded community, priceless!

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This Awaken your Soul retreat is for spiritually aligned women who:

  • Want to escape the hectic chaos and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and other conscious women.

  • Are ready to radically reduce and reverse stress and release excess tension and stuck emotions.

  • Want to connect with the deeper parts of themselves and their intuition, embody more peace and mindfulness and activate more clarity in their life.

  • Ready to balance and embrace both their divine masculine and feminine energies.

  • Deepen their spiritual practice, connection and energetic intelligence.

  • Want to embrace their emotional wellbeing and healing.

  • Are empaths / highly sensitive beings who are ready to learn how to take their power back from overwhelm by learning how to channel their gifts as empaths by cultivating more self awareness, self realization and self mastery. 

  • Want to learn more about the chakra system and have an actual inner experience of the healing that is always available to us. 

  • Friends who want to experience a life changing spiritual adventure where they both heal on the deepest level and raise their vibration, together. 

  • Are participating in soul searching rituals and looking to grow as a collective consciousness.

  • Cultivate safety and sensuality within the body, express your authentic truth.

  • Are drawn to all things spiritual growth and healing.

  • Love nature and want to re-connect (the outdoor sleeping arrangements are the finest glamping accommodations and the outdoor cedar showers are life-changing).

  • Are working on self-love and devotion.

  • Are ready to wake up and see the possibilities that are present.

  • Wish to receive energetic upgrades and soul-centered connections.

  • Just want to let loose and embrace their divine inner creatrix.

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Our All-Inclusive Five Day Retreat is
Soul Activating.

  • Guidance from your guides to anchor deeper into 5D consciousness.

  • Daily integration kundalini yoga, meditation, breath work, yin yoga, sound baths and reiki infused healing.

  • Fire rituals and elemental medicine.

  • Heart purification and opening cacao ceremony.

  • Daily yoga nidra; sleeping meditation to release extraordinary healing powers within your body and energetic system to connect you back to source.

  • A day of hiking, light code activations, waterfall and sacred portal exploration with the magical Paul of Venus on Mount Shasta.

  • Daily alchemical sound bath journey with alchemy crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, chimes + gong.

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  • Fire Drumming Circles.

  • Full Moon Ceremony; move freely, deeply and lovingly to connect back to your body and awaken your soul … channeling the medicine of the Super Full Moon in Aquarius to deeply release and activate self love.

  • Super Full Moon in Aquarius and Reiki Infused Water with take-home crystal to amplify the full moon energy.

  • Star Gazing.

  • Connect with your inner Goddess.

  • Free time to explore. We suggest a crystal shopping journey into Mount Shasta City!

  • Awaken your Soul Toolbox (goodie bag full of Divine Nourishment).

  • In house chef prepared sacred organic plant based meals, tea, coffee, magical elixirs, tinctures and oils.

  • You will be held in a sacred container prior to and after you return from the Awaken your Soul retreat within a private facebook group to meet and connect with everyone, prepare for our time together and to integrate your experience after you return home.

  • Danielle will be offering 4 weeks of 1:1 support after this transformational event because integration is so important and her work is all about creating sustainable and long lasting changes and shifts!

*Please note, travel to and from the retreat is NOT included*

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at the picturesque boho chic

Guru Shasta

Main House: 


Forest Room: 2x Queen beds w/shared full bath (across hallway) 

$2,444 single occupancy per bed or $2,222 bed share.


Alpaca Room: 1x Queen bed (Private Room) w/ shared full bath (in hallway)

$2,777 for private room or $2,222 bed share.


Glamping Tents & Guru Cabins:


These options are a first-rate glamping experience inside a Lotus Belle Tent or Guru cabins adjacent to the house on the retreat property, surrounded by nature. With access to 2 full luxe bathrooms, including 2 outdoor bathrooms & 1 indoor inside the main house (private entrance) these tents and cabins are fully weatherproof and fully appointed with beds/mattresses/electricity/furnishings of a modern-cozy-chic bedroom. $1,999

Lotus Glamping Tents

1. Shasta (large tent) w/ 1x Queen + 1x Twin

Note: queen is double occupancy only … share with a friend :)

2. Modoc (med tent) w/ 2x Twin beds

Guru Cabins

1. Large Cabin 3x Twin beds

2. Large Cabin 3x Twin beds

3. Med Cabin 2x Twin beds

4. Med Cabin 2x Twin beds

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL take $222 off! (Valid until 2-22-2022)

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Keep listening to and acting on the whispers each and every day. During and long after the Awaken Your Soul retreat, you will find yourself not only living in alignment with who you are at soul level, but also living in alignment with the rest of life.

Join Us.

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Thank You for your submission, we will contact you soon!

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