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Guiding you to consciously manifest the healthiest, happiest, highest, most authentic version of YOU. Step into your power and command more from your life.

Begin walking the path that was always meant for you. 


… to Become Whole Again™  


To be who you were before the world told you who you should be.


Are you ready to take your power back with a Holistic Healing approach; achieving Energetic Mastery physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.


You already have the pieces to embody more joy, purpose, health and happiness. 


Along the way, we lose ourselves. We are conditioned to play roles and wear masks, attaching ourselves to an identity to gain acceptance as part of a collective ... walking down a path that was laid out for us. 



It’s time ... 



Time to break free from the limiting beliefs, old narratives, toxic patterns and lack of energy that’s keeping you stagnant and stuck in a lower vibration.


Time to unlearn who you were told to be, free your Soul and walk the path that was always meant for YOU


If you're reading this, I am going to assume that you have done ALL of the things to try to feel better and to figure this life thing out; you've read all the self help books, tried all the diets, signed up for all the courses, sought the advice of a therapist or two, maybe even a life coach at one time, and you just can’t seem to put the pieces together. 

Taking courses, listening to podcasts, writing affirmations, reading that next Spirituality book, doing guided meditations and practicing every new moon ritual can only get you so far. I have been where you are. Stuck. Defeated. Confused. And I know how to guide you out of it. 


Here's a secret, come close ... it's about you and your energy. Nothing else. We have to continue to move energy in new ways to create a new reality.



Aligning with the healthiest, happiest, highest, most authentic version of you is an inside job.



You've had this calling stirring inside that there has got to be more to you and for you, well, there is. 


You found the right place and there are no coincidences. Your intuition led you here ...


Hey there! I'm a Spiritual Mentor, Holistic Healing Practitioner and Energy Transformation Facilitator. I have over a decade of experience mentoring women to break through their blocks, holistically raise the energetic frequency they operate from, discover radiant health, connect more deeply with their intuition, uncover their unique gifts, live with more purpose and discover their true, authentic selves.


I use an intuitive approach to support you in gathering your own unique ingredients to nourish a body you love and to design a lifestyle you deeply desire.


No cookie cutter systems here. Your ingredients are unique to you, your souls purpose, desires and individual path. 



Let your intuition lead the way ... 



Everything you are, everything you are meant for is already here, within you, just waiting to be realized.

My system of self-discovery helps reconnect you to who you really are and why you’re really here. The main focus of my work is de-conditioning. Unlearning everything that isn’t really you so you can clear out, purify and channel your Energy to consciously manifest the healthiest, happiest, highest, most authentic version of YOU.


My synergistic approach towards optimizing your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual health incorporates overall wellness through specific Holistic Healing Modalities, with Kundalini Energy Work being the core foundation within the Divine Nourishment™ Lifestyle. 


This revolutionary lifestyle assists individuals in achieving Energetic Mastery and Kundalini Activation to reach higher levels of consciousness, release limitations and develop the self awareness needed to hone in on their manifesting abilities, so they can actually create and live into the reality they desire.

I created both the Divine Nourishment™ Lifestyle and the Essential Nourishment™ Program. I am available for one-on-one coaching and group coaching. I host transformational retreats and workshop events. I also offer solutions based programs for those who prefer a guided self-taught experience. 

There are four pillars to my energetic approach and program: ANCHOR, ALIGN, ARISE and EMBODY. 


These pillars within my comprehensive approach include a deep dive into Kundalini Energy Work, Yoga, Meditation, Inner Child and Shadow Work, Holistic Healing, Earth Medicine, Authentic Living, Conscious Conversation and connecting deeper with a Spiritual understanding of your own. Although there are many "specialized" influencers in the wellness world, my approach is unique as it connects those dots 360 degrees.


I am a catalyst for your transformation. We work from the inside out and take a deep dive into your energetics so you can raise your vibration, learn how to master your energy and create massive shifts in your consciousness and abilities to EMBODY the change you deeply desire, and ​absolutely get to have. As a one stop shop, I'm able to save my clients time and money so they can focus on prioritizing themselves.

The Divine Nourishment™ Lifestyle raises your vibration and improves your overall quality of life by bridging the gap between mind, body and spiritual wellness.


It's time. Time to stop seeking. Time to come home to your beautiful heart. Time to embody all that you're meant to BE. 

Harness your Energy. ACTIVATE your fullest potential. Become Whole Again™



Walking with You,



"Ingredients for a body you love and a life you desire."


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Lighting the way on your spiritual path, Danielle DelVecchio, alongside with her husband and co-host Josh DelVecchio, offer a feminine and masculine perspective when exploring the deeper parts of ourselves while seeking a journey towards enlightenment. 

Together, with inspirational guests, they discuss spirituality, ancient and modern spiritual principles, manifestation, the laws of the universe, health, mindset, Kundalini, relationships, career and all things mind-body energy.

Essential Oil Educator

My mission is to help support you with natural solutions that allow you to take the absolute best care of you and your families physical, emotional and mental health. Become the CEO of your healthcare and wellbeing

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