When its time to slow down and take back our power …

We live in a day and age where its more important than ever to plug ourselves in, like we do our electronics every night. While there are so many tools to choose from, when its time to slow down and recharge, I often head to my meditation pillow. Its one of my favorite self-care tools that I often feel pulled to.  Here is why …


As you learn to quiet your mind, your then able to get more in touch with your intuition, your life whispers and energy.   It will get louder as you move through your journey and continue to do the beautiful, soul work that keeps calling for you.  Little steps create big, lasting change.  In time, you will begin to always know exactly what you need to nourish yourself and how to navigate your way through life with joy and ease.  Its magical …


I know what its like to go through life on auto pilot, feeling lost, hopeless, seeking outside sources to fill and numb me, chasing a feeling that despite my best efforts, I would never end up getting, and overall just feeling stuck in life. I remember a time when I wanted more out of life, wanting to be happier and knowing that I was not going about it the right way. Knowing that theres got to be a better way.  Theres got to be more to life.  Have you felt this before ? I knew there had to be a way to release the heaviness that consumed me. There had to be a better way.  A way to flow through life with ease and grace instead of pushing, resisting and hurting. Even though I desired a better way, better things in my life and despite my best efforts, the things I didn’t want kept showing up for me.  Do you feel me ?!  Does this happen to you ?


>>> The good news is you can take your power back, move mountains and align yourself with everything you truly desire in life.  If your willing to do the work, I promise you this will happen for you <<<


Our limiting beliefs subconsciously sabotage our best efforts. Its not our fault and theres a way to reorganize these beliefs to serve us. Once you find out what those are, you can begin to release them and move forward in a new way. A way that serves you and all you desire.  This is a key, transformative ingredient I use in the work I do with my beautiful clients in my holistic health and spiritual life coaching programs and courses.


We are lead most of our lives by the world telling us how we should feel, look, live, whats important and so on and then our liming beliefs run our lives through our ego and it sabotages our attempts to feel the way we want to feel and to live the way we, oh so, desire to. Free, healthy, happy, passionate, peaceful and purposeful lives. When you create space to drown out the noise of the world and quiet your mind, you will begin to enhance and strengthen your intuition. Tuning into this inner guidance is your source, the catalyst for the change you desire in your life. My entire life began to change when I turned off auto pilot and learned how to access my inner gps. This is possible for you and I am here to lovingly support you, always …


>>> Getting in touch with our intuition and releasing our limiting beliefs is where the radical change, that we all desire, begins. Meditation is a powerful tool to get you there. <<<


Whether you need to re-balance, re-align or re-energize your body, mind or spirit, there are so many tools available.  Its such a fun, exciting and rewarding journey getting in tune with yourself and discovering the ones you feel pulled to that resonate and feel good for you.


You are always supported.  You have everything you need


Meditation is my time to take a sacred moment for myself, to become one with my breath and to quiet my mind. Just 5 minutes is all I need on most days. We allll have 5 minutes.  I always end up wanting to go longer, every time. I notice the biggest shifts in my alignment of energy when I am able to sit for 20 minutes, which doesn’t happen all the time, or lately even often, and thats o.k. Consistency is more important than the time you take.  By setting aside even just 5 minutes, committing to YOU and continuing to show up, you will begin to feel more balanced, uplifted, aligned and supported as you go through your day and move through your life.


Below is my mentor and coach, Gabby Bernstein’s, Live in Joy, 5 minute, guided mediation.  My hope is that this serves you well …



You have the power to cultivate joy by turning inward. In this meditation, you will inhale happiness and exhale stress and anxiety. I’ll lead you through it with affirmations that will remind you of your true nature: joy. Listen below.

Like any practice, you have to want to do it in order to achieve results. It can be hard to start a meditation practice because it seems so foreign from what we’re taught to do. But I have good news: Meditating is much simpler than we make it out to be. Beginning a meditation practice requires only your slight willingness. Your desire to experience something new is all you need to get on a new path.



My meditation pillow allows me to take a moment for myself, comfortably.  It helps align my spine and promotes good posture.  I can breathe more deeply and access the peace that I am seeking.

Heres my two favorites that I use at home.  You can learn more and get your own today by simply clicking on the pictures below …






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