“Know matter where you are in life or where you have been, you can change your story and live a life you desire”

- Danielle DelVecchio

Hi I’m Danielle!

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I have learned that nourishing your body with clean, healthy foods, finding physical activity you love, tuning into your cravings and embracing your desires are all the perfect ingredients for a body and life you love. Self-care and self-love equals less stress, more energy, increased happiness and more meaning in life.

I get to help people take control of their health – with real food, fun, and inspired action.


I have learned that jumping from diet to diet and restricting food only leads to cravings, stress and feeling tired all the time. For me, this cycle resulted in a sugar and carb addiction which led to serious inflammation, weight gain and a host of digestive issues. Living in this constant cycle separated me from my true self, my full potential and took me away from enjoying the true richness of life.

No matter what diets you’ve tried, you can have a body you love.

I have always been knowledgeable in the health and fitness industry. I competed in several fitness competitions over the years so I know how to turn fat into lean muscle and manipulate my diet to get my body ready for a show. Problem was I wasn’t healthy, eating sugar free this and fat free that, or as some would call it chemical shit storms. I would also gain a ton of weight back once the show was over because I would lose control and eat everything I was ‘not supposed to eat.’ My digestive system was compromised and my hormones were out of whack. My cravings would always get the best of me which resulted in a vicious cycle of trying to get myself back on track.

Are you familiar with this? Does this sound like you?


So the question was how would I now eat and control the cravings I was having after the show was over? How would I be able to attain my ideal body and find my healthy balance in life without sacrificing good food, being a slave to the gym and not sacrificing my happiness?

No matter how lost and defeated you tell yourself you are, you can feel more positive

All of this led me to study everything related to health, fitness, personal growth and most importantly, nourishing my mind. Over the years, I became a wellness advocate, steadily applying myself and embracing my passion for superior nutrition, fitness, and overall healthy living. As you know there is a lot of confusing, and conflicting information out there and I was on a mission to cut through it all once and for all (ya dig?)

Passion in session, this is where it all took off


I enrolled at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition where I studied over 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. With support and education, I detoxed, got clear about my purpose in life (clue, helping women like you do the same), found a way of eating that worked for me through each season, said goodbye to unfulfilling relationships, and rebuilt a life and way of living that inspired me to act, and eat, with intention, every day.

I’m here to tell you this is possible for you! I will show you how

Drawing on all this knowledge and my unique blend of experience and training, I know exactly how to guide you to the right nutrition plan, lifestyle support, and balanced living fit for you.

Most women don’t know how good their bodies are meant to feel.

What would it feel like for you to wake up actually feeling awake, going through your day vibrant with energy, feeling confident in your body and comfortable in your own skin?

No matter how exhausted you are right now, you can create more energy and come alive!


You can wake up in the morning loving your body and your life

I know how great it feels to live label-free, eat foods that are delicious and that make me feel alive. I found my own ingredients to create a lifestyle that fuels my body, mind and soul. I have developed tools that make for a long lasting lifestyle change and that help YOU become your own health expert, creating your own unique blueprint for health and wellness. Get ready for the empowerment you deserve

This isn’t my passion, this is my life!

I want to help you create your ideal ingredients in a fun, impactful way so you can do the same! A life filled with health, vitality, and joy.

Professional Bio

Danielle DelVecchio is a holistic health and wellness coach, seasonal cleanse specialist, healthy cooking expert and lover of green smoothies. Danielle graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her approach to weight loss and radiant health focuses on the foundations of seasonal cleansing, digestive health, fun in the kitchen and getting in touch with your cravings and desires. In addition, she is a Desire Map Facilitator, spiritual mentor and is Reiki 2 certified. Danielle not only focuses on the foods women put into their body but also places emphasis on finding the clarity needed to balance and nourish all facets of life.

Her health coaching sessions and online programs guide modern day woman to ultimately breakfree from dieting and ditch the information overload by teaching them a new way to relate to food and understanding their cravings. Danielle provides her clients with ingredients to create their own blueprint for health and wellness, so they can learn exactly how to nourish their unique body and lives.
Her ultimate mission is to empower women to get in touch with their mind, body and spirit, so they can love and appreciate their body and realize how bright their light is.


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