The Importance of Intuitive Self Care

The most beautiful thing about getting in touch with our intuition is that it always shows us what we need in any given moment. Its a feeling, a knowing, clear direction and guidance …


Self care can mean different things in different situations. Last week we had to put our dog down. She was my child, in dog form, and the pain was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The past week self care for me meant not doing anything, at all.


Having a strong foundation in self care and a strong connection with my intuition, knowing what tool I need at any given time has become an extension of how I live and I love teaching women how to access this within themselves. This is how we are able to drop the struggle with what we think is the problem and claim our power back in life.


Self care for me the week following having to put her down, was the first time when I was guided to not reach for anything and to just be with my pain.  Not trying to be strong, eating all the comfort food, sobbing when I felt the wave come in and just allowing it all to flow through me, as it’s meant to, is exactly what I needed.  It’s so important to feel to heal. 5 years ago I would have went out of my way to stay busy so I didn’t have to feel …


Self care starting today, a week later, means something totally different. I knew that my inner guidance would tell me when it was time to rise up, when the heaviness begins to lift, just enough, to start again. Thats the beauty of getting in touch with yourself. Moving through life intuitively is everything. It doesn’t mean its always easy. It means surrendering to and finding ease in the discomfort knowing that if we allow it, it will move through us like a wave and will release us back to shore. Its in surrender and trust that allows us to grow, followed up with the foundation of gratitude that allows us to expand and experience the radical change that keeps us in the vibrational flow of everything we desire in life.


Like water, life never stops moving. It always giving us exactly what we need in order to keep expanding our consciousness, evolving in our growth and purpose. While life will never be the same without our little Sophie girl, I can now begin to illuminate the wisdom from it all, apply it and reorganize the pain for the highest good of ourselves and others. Her legacy reminds me of the love within myself, of our true nature, and how important it is to freely remind and share this in the world.


That’s where I am now in all this.  Cleansing my energy, allowing the wave to move through me when it needs to, showing up everyday with more love and utilizing my tools intuitively to love and take care of myself.  


Some of my go to’s have been :


Soaking in epson salt baths every night with my favorite grounding essential oil blends


Pranayama along with short, yet effective, meditations (moving energy around in our mind and bodies is radically nourishing)


Drinking a ton of green juice and filling myself with high vibrational food


CBD oil – liquid gold that everyone can benefit from and should be using to optimize their health and wellness


Gratitude – The one I begin and end everyday with.  Theres always something to be grateful for.  Gratitude is the foundation for everything we desire in life, by recognizing what we have,  and it keeps us in that higher frequency to receive more to be grateful for …


Questions about any of these tools and how you can incorporate them, just email me … DD@DANIELLEDELVECCHIO.COM … I am here to support you, guide you and to share the exact tools I use in my life …


In closing, relying on our own strength in the midst of chaos only creates more heaviness around the situation, it only holds us back and keeps us stuck. The more we step into our truth, the more we won’t identify with the challenges we face.  When we begin to understand who we truly are at our core, the more in touch we will be with our intuition.  The more guidance we open ourselves up to, the more guidance we will receive.  The more guidance we receive, the more we will be able to illuminate the wisdom in every moment, allow our intuition to lead the way and the more we will know how to love and care for ourselves in every situation, in every moment, as we flow through to the other side.  


Be brave, be courageous, embrace the storms, know you are always supported, step into your power and know you always have a choice, with all the tools available, to rise up and begin again …

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