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want to lose weight, gain more energy and have more confidence in their health and body! I will teach you how to cleanse your system naturally, heal your digestion and get in touch with your cravings.

" I struggled with my weight for a while since I had my son. I've tried every fad diet out there and it wasn't until I started working with Danielle that I found the solution. She didn't give me the quick fix she gave me the knowledge I needed to make a life style change. A plan that would help me lose the weight, feel good and keep it off."

- Ali J. , CT


The Importance of Intuitive Self Care

The most beautiful thing about getting in touch with our intuition is that it always shows us what we need in any given moment. Its a feeling, a knowing, clear direction and guidance …   Self care can mean different things in different situations. Last week we had to put our dog down. She was…

When its time to slow down and take back our power …

We live in a day and age where its more important than ever to plug ourselves in, like we do our electronics every night. While there are so many tools to choose from, when its time to slow down and recharge, I often head to my meditation pillow. Its one of my favorite self-care tools…

Sweet Pea Dip with Basil and Flax Crackers

Sweet Pea Dip with Basil and Flax Crackers

Move over hummus there’s a new Spring dip in town that is not only delicious but will help assist your body during it’s natural cleansing process during the Spring season while helping your body release weight (recipe at the end of blog) Here’s a sample of snacks you can have when doing my Spring Renewal…

"It is only when you have the tools to create your own unique blueprint for health and wellness, that you can truely love and appreciate your body and allow your true authentic spirit to shine through."

- Danielle DelVecchio


Get started with your FREE Divine Nourishment Health Kit! Includes 3 downloadable e-books, my gift to you!


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